At Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, on November 25, 1963,
officials and dignitaries attend graveside services in the state funeral of
President John F. Kennedy. Honor guard pallbearers lift the casket flag.
Arlington Memorial Bridge is visible in the background.

Those pictured include:

Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts, Richard Cardinal Cushing;
Prime Minister of Japan, Hayato Ikeda;
Vice President of Liberia, William R. Tolbert, Jr.;
President of Germany, Heinrich Lübke;
President of France, General Charles de Gaulle;
Chancellor of West Germany, Ludwig Erhard;
Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie;
President of the Philippines, Diosdado Macapagal;
President of South Korea, Chung Hee Park;
Queen Frederika of Greece;
King Baudouin of Belgium;
Prince Gholam-Reza Pahlavi of Iran;
President of the Corporate Chamber of Portugal, Clotário Luís Supico Pinto;
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto;
President of Ireland, Éamon de Valera;
Minister of External Affairs of Ireland, Frank Aiken;
Prince Georg Valdemar of Denmark;
Prime Minister of Denmark, Jens Otto Krag;
Secretary-General of the Presidency of France, Étienne Burin des Roziers;
Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Maurice Couve de Murville;
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of France, General Charles Ailleret;
Prince Bertil of Sweden;
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan, Antone Atallah;
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.;
artist William Walton;
U.S. Assistant Chief of Protocol for Visits and Public Events, Samuel L. King;
Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Walter W. Heller;
White House doorman, Preston Bruce;
Sydney Lawford;
White House Secret Service agent, Paul A. Burns.

Pallbearers include:

Lance Corporal Jerry J. Diamond (USMC);
Yeoman George A. Barnum (USCG);
Lieutenant Samuel R. Bird (U.S. Army);
Seaman Hubert Clark (USN);
Sergeant James L. Felder (U.S. Army);
Lance Corporal Timothy F. Cheek (USMC);
Sergeant Richard E. Gaudreau (USAF);
Seaman Larry B. Smith (USN);
Corporal Douglas A. Mayfield (U.S. Army).

[Description courtesy of the JFK Library.]