This is Warren Commission Exhibit #482, which depicts a close-up
version of the famous picture snapped by Tom Dillard within a few
seconds of the last shot being fired from the sixth-floor window
(which is the top window in this photo).

Just beneath Lee Harvey Oswald's sixth-floor sniper's
window can be seen Depository employees
Bonnie Ray Williams (left) and Harold Norman (right).

Norman later testified that he heard not only the three gunshots
being fired from directly over his head, but he also heard the three
empty cartridge casings hitting the plywood floor above him.

If Dillard had been just a little bit faster on his camera's shutter here,
he would have captured the only image of Oswald's rifle in the window.

This picture also shows one of Oswald's rifle-rest boxes, positioned
at an angle on the sixth-floor window ledge.